General FAQs

What Courses are offered?


Recreational pilot

Private pilot

Commercial pilot

Night rating

Flying Hours Building

I don’t want to do any of these courses, but I want to do some flying for building hours; Do you offer this?

Yes, you can come and start flying for building hours. Standard rates will apply for the use of the aircraft.

Is there any registration/ admission fee?

Our Registration/Admission fee is $150 CAD for Domestic students and $350 For International students. You will have to pay it before applying for a Visa and obtain a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from our Flight Academy for Visa processing. (This is a non-refundable/non-transferable fee)

Do you also provide jobs?

We can help our students in the future if they need any help with their career guidance. We do not offer employment.

If I pay money for my course and then I had to leave midway through the course or before the start of the course will I get a refund?

We have a refund policy. We will be happy to provide you with our refund policy for details. We have a transparent system and policies.

Do I get Equipment utilization refund?

The equipment we reserve for time frame According to their LOA. If a student not shows up and not flying due to his personal reasons, we will not refund reserved Equipment utilization.

How and where can I get Category 1 or Category III medical?
What is the duration of the course?

Its mention on Letter Of Acceptance(LOA) Also Its depends on student performance and weather conditions.

Why is your Course Price lower as compared to other flying schools?

Our Flight Academy has the vision to make it possible for more people to achieve their dreams. For this reason, we designed our course with our Senior Educational Administrator with many years of Aviation experience. We decided to cut our profit margins while providing the best quality training to our students. We want the students to feel comfortable, so they can concentrate on the training without any financial pressure. Our Goal is to train the best Pilots rather than to achieve huge profits from the students.

What is the application process?

Step 1. send your education documents and valid passport copy at info@acadiacollege.ca

Step 2. once Academy accepts your application, deposit admission fee to Acadia College bank account.

Step 3. Complete your class 1 or 3 Aviation Medical


Step 4.

a) local student can start the program immediately.

b) International applicant: – start the visa process.

What is the school is expecting from the students?

International students must complete their course in a reasonable time frame. 3-4 Hours flying per week (depends on weather conditions and course requirements) and complete PPL ground classes and written exam within 2-3 months maximum.

What is my payment options?

For domestic students Pay as you Fly. For International Students Pay into 1/3 in the beginning. Other 1/3 in between 3-4 months and balance pay as you fly.

How often should I attend the school?

Need to attend ground classes/lectures 2-3 days a week and flights 3-4 per week

How long it will take to be a pilot?

PPL: 3-4.5 months. CPL: 8-12 Months including time for PPL.: (Note: The course duration may vary depending upon factors like student performance and weather conditions.)

I wear eyeglasses, Can I fly?

Yes. But depends on your Aviation Medical Limitations-Restrictions.

What is the minimum/Maximum age for flying?

Student pilot permit 14 yrs., Recreational 16 Yrs., Private 17 Yrs., Commercial 18 Yrs.

Which aircraft is suitable for my training?

We are offering Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 single-engine aircraft.