Our Team

Aaron Heatherington – CFI/Class 1 Flight Instructor/Operation Manager

Aaron joins Acadia with over 10 years of Aviation experience. He past work experience includes management at one of Canada’s largest flight schools. Aaron also brings significant multi-engine, instrument flight and 703 operations experience.  


Aaron’s love of flying started at just 6 years old, flying with his dad in a Piper Tripacer. This passion is carried over into his flight training where he strives to help his instructors and students be the best pilots they can be.   


When Aaron is not flying, he can be found exploring the back country in his Subaru, or playing board games with friends. 

Amanda Tosto – Class 4 Flight Instructor/ Senior Office Administrator/Student Advisor

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Amanda has been in the aviation industry for 12 years. She started her journey as a Baggage/Ramp agent for a major Canadian Airline to transferring departments and getting into the in-flight department as a Flight Attendant. After 6 years in that position, she decided to become a Service Director/In-Charge Flight Attendant. Dreaming of doing more, she started to explore the option of flying the planes she loved working on so much. Her good friend, a pilot at a major Canadian Airline, took her flying on a Cessna one day to show her what it would be like and to allow her to see how it felt. She has never looked back since.

Amanda enjoys teaching and is also focusing on her Bachelor’s with a minor in adult education at UFV. She is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching the new generation of pilots in Canada. Besides being a Flight Instructor, she works at Acadia as the office administrator and student advisor.

On her time off, she enjoys travelling, exploring the world’s natural wonders, reading, and yoga.

York Kan – Class 4 Flight Instructor

York is a friendly and outgoing person but he will always push you as the student to meet and exceed the standards.


York was inspired to become a pilot when a captain invited him to visit the flight deck on a commercial flight. From then on, he embarked on his professional pilot journey. In 2021 York earned his instructor rating.


Since then, York has been working as a flight instructor with Acadia College. In addition, he strives to maintain a strong safety-oriented focus, encouraging professionalism with all his students. He enjoys teaching all aspects of aviation, focusing on a strong connection with students to enable them to achieve their goals. 

Freya Inkster - PRM
Commercial Pilot/Person Responsible for Maintenance/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Freya is the Person Responsible for Maintenance (PRM) at Acadia College. She ensures our aircraft are maintained to a high standard and always remain in compliance with the regulations. 


Freya’s passion for aviation began growing up in the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Aviation is a vital part of life there, connecting them to mainland Scotland and all of their outer Isles, bringing in supplies, mail and the all-important air ambulance. As soon as she graduated from high school, she moved to Canada to learn how to fly. While working towards her Commercial Licence, she became interested in maintenance and decided to also pursue an apprenticeship.  She now holds both her Commercial Pilot Licence and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence. 


Outside of work, Freya enjoys boxing, reading, and outdoor activities.