The Acadia College is a designated training organisation in Langley BC, Canada. The difference between success and failure is team work and at Acadia College we operate by this rule.

At Acadia College, our training and administrative staff is carefully selected to meet and nurture the requirements of our students. Our training and administrative staff work in collaboration to provide the best outcomes for our students. Our mission is to provide quality education, a safe and comfortable environment and the best learning resources to our students.To achieve our mission, we have recruited experienced, qualified and industry focused trainers and administrative staff.

Our students have access to variety of learning resources to assist them in their learning journey, such as simulated workplace to conduct role plays and to practise skills learnt in the classroom, e-learning to support learning off campus, access to e-books, laptops, tablets and desktops to assist in their studies.

Along with class room delivery and simulated workplace we invite guest lecturers to present and share their experiences with our students. Our trainers and Academic Coordinator organise academic excursions to provide practical exposure. Our staff also organise extracurricular activities on and off campus to engage our students.

We provide a well-rounded education experience for our students to make their experience at Acadia College rewarding and an enjoyable start to their lifelong learning journey and to a successful career.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

CEO – Acadia College