Attendance Policy

All the students of Acadia College are expected to attend every class of every course for which they are registered.  Each class meeting has its own dynamics and provides a unique opportunity for learning.  While acknowledging the critical importance of class attendance, the institution also recognizes that there are times when absence from class is unavoidable. Keeping in view some unavoidable circumstances, the students is required to meet the minimum 65% attendance in all the program other than TRANSPORT CANADA approved (please refer TRANSPORT CANADA approved program outline for such program) 

The absence from Acadia College for reasons of religious holiday, serious illness, death in the student’s family with the appropriate documentation, excused absences, and students may be given an opportunity to make up for their missed lesson. However, failing to meet minimum attendance requirement would be dealt as per “Dismissal – nonattendance” policy. The Senior Educational Administrator/ Instructor is under no obligation to allow make-up work for unexcused/excused absences.  In cases where unusual circumstances cause a student to miss a significant amount of class time for reasons beyond the student’s control, the student should confer with the Senior Educational Administrator/ Instructor to ascertain if it is feasible to complete the missed work.

Students can request/report status of attendance in written to Instructor or SEA or by email to to get / update records. Acadia College will do every possible thing to make this best educational experience for students.

Any issues raised based on attendance will be dealt as per dispute resolution policy of Acadia College. 

For Aviation Schedule and Attendance Procedure please refer to Flight School Booking & Scheduling Policy

Note: For any concern or report for aviation program, please email to or escalate to