Flight School Booking & Scheduling Policy

Ground School Attendance

All students of the aviation programs are required to complete stipulated number of hours of instruction to qualify for ground school parameter thus Acadia College requires all student to complete 100 % required hours. Any hours scheduled but missed by student due to any reason without prior approval would be charged extra same as briefing charges.

Flight/Plane Bookings

All bookings are made and scheduled by the CFI with both student preference and instructor availability being considered. New Bookings made will not displace and already existing booking unless an operational reason exists. It is expected that students and renters arrive for their booking with sufficient time to complete all flight planning prior to start of the booking time. Time may range from 30 minutes for a local flight to more than 2.0 hours for cross-country flights. Booking times will not be held for more than 15 minutes past their scheduled time. If the student does not attend the booking they will be subject to a late cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fees for booking Flight/Plane

All booking cancellations must be given to us by 5:00 PM the day before your booking. This will give us time to book other students who want to fly. It is not fair to other students who want to fly or utilize instructor time if you do not cancel in time. You must have an adequate reason for your cancellation. If notice is not given by 5:00 PM you may be charged for a no-show.
All students are expected to arrive 45 minutes prior to their booking to have the aircraft ready for the scheduled flight time. You will be considered late and will be charged for a no-show 15 minutes after your reservation time. The No-show rate is $75 for solo flights and $125 for dual flights.
Weather conditions that require you to reasonably cancel a reservation will be reviewed on an individual basis. It is unacceptable to assume your booking is cancelled just because of weather. You are expected to arrive at your scheduled time unless otherwise notified. If you do not speak with us prior to cancelling your booking in this case, you will be charged for a no-show.
If a student books a ground school session and cancels within less than 24 hours, or does not show up for the class, the cancellation fee is $55.00.
These policies are subject to our discretion. We understand that emergencies can happen and you may not be able to cancel your booking in a timely manner. Waiving the no-show fee will be at the discretion of the management and the scheduled instructors.
You must notify us of your cancellation by following:

  • By contacting your instructor via phone or email
  • Send an email to