Student Withdrawal Policy


Acadia College provides training in hairdressing, trade program and vocational and academic programs and is committed to provide quality training. During program duration, if a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide filled Withdrawn Form along with related supporting documents to the Acadia College. All withdrawal requests must be in writing. Acadia College may accept withdrawal intimation through email in exceptional circumstances. All refund requests are calculated according to Acadia College’s Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal i.e., withdrawal form/email is received will be used to determine any refund owing.


  1. A letter/email should be submitted to the coordinator- Student Service Team from the student detailing the intention of withdrawal and highlighting the reasons behind making the decision along with original payment proof.
  2. Student should not attend any class scheduled after giving the notice of withdrawal.
  3. A meeting is setup with the Campus Manager/SEA if applicable to discuss the withdrawal decision.
  4. In case student attend the classes after providing withdrawal notice it would be considered student intent to cancel the notice and continue the program at Acadia College.
  5. The institution will provide a written notice confirming the withdrawal from the school and provide details about the refund as per the refund policy if any refund is due.
  6. The student may cancel the withdrawal request by making another written request expressing the intent to cancel the previous request.
  7. In case of withdrawal notice sent by email it should be marked to

*Note.For Aviation Programs please consider Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) as Senior Educational Administrator