Our Aviation FAQs

Employment is not guaranteed upon the completion of the program. We cannot guarantee that there will be an opportunity for you to work amongst us seeing as the hiring is dependent on position openings. 

However, we can assist our students if they need help with career guidance, seeing as there are many other schools and many other opportunities to find work in British Columbia. 

Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires all students who plan to study in Canada (including flight training) for a period greater than 6 months to apply for a student visa.

Please follow the following government website for more information regarding Visa requirements based on country of citizenship:

To find out of you need a Visa to travel to Canada, if your country is not listed above, please refer to:

Please note that Acadia College is happy to issue students a Letter of Acceptance, but will not get involved in the visa application process.

A study permit authorizes you to study at a college/university and is required for you to remain in Canada for the duration of your studies.

A visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) allows you to enter Canada. Depending on your citizenship, you may need a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), in addition to a study permit in order to enter Canada as an international student. For more details, please refer to: 

The length of time the Embassy requires to process your application is different in each country. In some countries, it may take only a few days, while in others, it may take several months. Check visa processing time:

For study permit applications processed by visa offices outside Canada:

For study permit applications processed within Canada:

If your application for a visa is not approved, we ask that you e-mail a copy of the refusal letter from the Canadian Embassy to prior to the semester start date. Acadia College will then process a 100% refund, minus an administration fee (the administration fee cannot be refunded). Please note the refund process takes approximately four weeks.

Unfortunately, we do not provide student accommodation. However, we can provide some links for local accommodation options in the Langley/Surrey Area.

Depending on what type of accommodation you would prefer, the costs begins at about $700-$950 CAD per month for basic rooms in shared housing; additionally, utility costs and other expenses such as internet may be extra.

For a one-bedroom apartments or basement apartments, the average cost is about $950-$1400 CAD per month; additionally, utility costs and other expenses such as internet may be extra.

This is a popular website for bedroom rentals:


You could also refer to the following websites for more information about apartment rentals or bedroom rentals (please note that there are many more websites to search on, but these are the most popular ones).


There are many scammers on the internet nowadays. Use the following as a guide to prevent you being a victim of scams:

  • Do not prepay for anything that you have not visited in person.
  • Do not prepay a whole year worth of rent (in Canada we rent and pay for our apartments or rooms on a month to month basis).
  • Do not fall for the scammers who live in other countries or had to move out of BC, and are now renting out their house, and once you pay them in full, they will then send you the keys to your unit.
  • If you cannot meet the landlord or the management team of the apartment you wish to rent in person, do not send them any money or sign anything with them. 


Please note that Acadia College does not take any responsibility regarding scams and loss of money during private transactions made with renters. We are simply giving guidelines and popular websites being used, but cannot guarantee that the website suggested is free of scammers. 

List of popular websites:,49.07621,-122.59007,49.13195

We offer the following:

  1. Recreational Pilot Licence
  2. Private Pilot Licence
  3. Commercial Pilot Licence
  4. Instructor Rating
  5. Night Rating
  6. VFR Over the Top
  7. PPL Ground School
  8. CPL Ground School
  9. Aviation Workshops

Below is a link to Transport Canada’s approved medical examiners organized by country. Simply select your country and search based on location nearest to you.

The duration of each licence is dependent on the student’s personal progress. The average completion time for each is states below:

  1. Private Pilot Licence: 6-12 months 
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence: 1 year 
  3. Night Rating: 2-4 weeks (weather dependent)
  4. Instructor Rating: 4-6 months 
  5. VFR Over the Top: 2-4 weeks
  6. Multi-Engine: 2-4 weeks
  7. IFR Rating: 1-2 Months 
  8. PPL Ground School: 9 weeks (50 hours) 
  9. CPL Ground School: 14 weeks (90 hours) 

Our international students are expected to attend on a full-time basis:

  1. To attend all ground school classes (PPL/CPL) in person, which run 2 times per week for PPL and 3 times per week for CPL.
  2. To book a minimum of 2 flights per week.
  3. Self-study is required to be done at home or on campus if weather does not permit flying.
  4. *International students require minimum 15 hours per week of activities mentioned above to maintain full-time status.

Pilots can wear glasses or contact lenses if their vision is within the standards set out by Transport Canada. Please check with your aviation doctor for the requirements regarding vision and specific standards required.

You must be a minimum of 14 years old before obtaining your Student Pilot Permit, a minimum of 16 years old for the Recreational Pilot Permit, a minimum of 17 years old for the Private Pilot Licence, and a minimum of 18 years old for the Commercial Pilot Licence. 

For more details, please visit

Yes. All student pilots must take the Language Proficiency Test, which is designed to assess students’ listening comprehension, speaking ability, and responses to different verbal scenarios. 

For more information about the ICAO English examination please visit:

We will give you full credit for any flying or ground school completed at another school in Canada provided you have a completed log book or pilot training record with details of training certified by the school. Evidence of ground school must be certified in a Pilot Training Record or in another record acceptable to Transport Canada.

We require all students to have a minimum of $500.00 CAD security deposit in their FSP account which cannot be used during their training and is only refunded once the program is completed or once the student withdraws from the program. 

In addition, the registration costs and administration costs much be paid up front, and those costs are non-refundable. 

Local students: The cost of ground school (non-refundable). 

International students: Must pre-pay the first 45 hours of flying, plus the total cost of ground school (non-refundable). Once the first 45 hours are completed or surpassed, flying is paid for at the end of each flight lesson. We accept CASH, CHECK, DEBIT, E-TRANSFER, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, and JCB.

Langley is one of Canada’s warmest cities, it rarely snows! Spring and summer are typically dry seasons with a few days of precipitation. Fall and Winter in lower mainland usually bring more rain and precipitation which allows the student the chance to gain experience flying in a variety of different weather conditions which also enables the student to proactively catch up on studying for written examinations and ground school without worrying about missing out on the good flying days.

As long as you are able to legally reside in Canada, you are able to do your instructor rating. Once your instructor rating is completed, you can apply to any flight school as a Flight Instructor as long as you have a PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit). If you have completed your training outside of Canada and are the holder of a Foreign Pilot Licence (such as FAA or ICAO) and wish to come to Canada to work as a Flight Instructor, you will require to convert your current Pilot Licence to a TCCA Pilot Licence. Once the conversion is completed, you will require a work visa to legally be able to work in Canada. 

Please take note that Acadia College is not able to assist in the process of VISA or Work Permit application, and is not responsible for any advice or requirements needed to apply for a work visa or immigration status. Please follow the immigration policies outlined on the immigration Canada website.

Students only qualify for a T2202 tax form if they are registered at the establishment as a CPL student and cannot claim it solely as a PPL student. 

Here is a link to the government website for clarification.

What is the definition of a qualifying student?

Please refer to our international student admissions page under “Future Students” and “Admissions” tab on our website.

  • High school Grade 12 or equivalent Diploma 
  • Overall average of 60% in final year of high school
  • General knowledge of the English language in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding.
  • * Although there are no English requirements to apply for the aviation program, there may be English requirements required toward the application of a study permit or Visa.

There are no admission requirements for local students applying for the aviation program. Students can apply as of age 14 and do not require a high school diploma to attend. However, please note that commercial pilot jobs in Canada require a high school diploma. Therefore, it is wise to get a high school diploma if the intentions are to work for a commercial air service in the future.