Record Management Policy

Acadia College is committed to implementing best practice in its records management practices and systems. All staff employed by college will be required to apply themselves to the following written procedures and safeguard confidential and personal information according to the privacy act and the PIPEDA. 

  1. Upon enrolment each student’s personal details shall be filed in the designated student file or filing cabinet (lockable)until they are electronically stored and secured.
  2. College Staff will record all student fee payments and details of refunds paid.
  3. Student personal details and records shall be maintained in a current up to date condition, updating of records will be actioned upon receipt of advice of changes.
  4. Student records shall be backed up electronically at least once every 3 months by
  5. Data extraction should be place from database system every 3 months, saved on an external hard drive all student records removed from the Premises for safe keeping in a location agreed to by the CEO.
  6. Only College staff directly involved with student welfare and or student results will have access to personal student details.
  7. Upon reasonable request and notice College administrative staff shall provide a student with access to their personal student records and reissue statements of attainment or qualifications achieved.
  8. Upon receipt of written consent by a student, College staff can provide a third party with student’s personal details.
  9. Access to student records may be provided to the authority/the administrator from regulatory/government bodies if required as per law.
  10. College staff will comply with all external reporting responsibilities where required to do so.
  11. Designated College staff will maintain up to date records of the employment history and qualifications of all staff employed by college.
  12. Designated College staff shall ensure that all student academic records are maintained in an accurate manner providing for the safekeeping of all student assessment results for a term no less 30 days after the assessment is taken or as per grade/dispute policy of the college.
  13. A fee up to $5.00 per page (maximum $100.00) may be charged for providing documents in case of any request.