Instructor Evaluation Policy


In order ensure our students receive the best possible training in their respective programs, we ensure that the Instructors are evaluated by SEA or CEO at least annually along with feedback from the students on a quarterly basis.

This evaluation is completed by SEA/CEO in order to set professional development plan for instructor. Student feedback is discussed in order to provide quality education for students.


Instructor Evaluation by SEA/CEO: The instructor is evaluated by SEA/CEO at least annually at mutually agreeable time in classroom training. The evaluator observes class room teaching of instructor and make notes to evaluate his/her teaching and class room management.

After that evaluator set time with instructor to discuss his/her evaluation result and give written feedback on it. The instructor has given an opportunity to explain or clarify any issues arise from evaluation. The professional development plan is made in order to do professional development for instructor. During this discussion next evaluation date is set up with instructor.

A copy of the evaluation will be placed in the instructor’s file.

Student Feedback: The college provide the students with an assessment/evaluation form; ask them to fill it out, if required, student meet with the instructor to discuss the assessment/evaluation form and their comments and/or recommendations; have both the student and instructor date and sign the form, retain a copy and provide the SOA and CEO with a copy of the form.

The comments and responses; good and bad will be addressed with the CEO and recommendations will be made. A memorandum outlining the recommendations will be placed in the instructor’s file.